In the air

Flight #8: JFK - BOS


I have to say I was suprised by how fast we got to Boston on JetBlue flight #1016 Saturday night. Half my soda was wasted and I never opened…

Flight #7: RIC - JFK


JetBlue flight #1072 on Saturday from Richmond to JFK was supposed to be a simple flight. Instead, security confiscated some liquid fruit snacks that had made it from SFO through a number of checkpoints this week. I hope security enjoys them. I will have to find an alternate nutritional breakfast option for the rest of the month.

Then the flight was delayed coming in due to air traffic control and weather. Fortunately everyone boarded in record time and we were off the ground by 11am.

Jill and Cesar were the flight attendants this morning. Captain Bill tried to make up for the delay and got us to JFK just after noon. The skies were beautiful with a few small clouds here and there.


Flight #6: JFK - RIC


Making the most of my flying opportunities, my connecting flight at JFK was JetBlue flight #1073. Blue getaways, a small Embraer 190, was more roomier than the A320s that I’ve been flying on.

The flight was very quick, less than an hour of flight time. Captain Chris and James flew a calm flight with pretty clear skies. The cabin crew was Linda and Al. Because of this short flight, we didn’t get to see much of the crew. The express service was very fast and efficient.

One interesting thing I noticed on the Live Map, the graphic of the airplane is so big that the wings reach about a third of the east coast. The scale is definitely off, with such a tiny airplane. Attention to the little details, that’s all.


Flight #4: JFK - BUR


On the heels of a six-hour flight from Portland, I was back on the plane for another six-hour flight.  This double cross-country flight combination would have allowed a good amount of sleep if as I mentioned in the last post I was successful at sleeping on planes.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with T5.  There is free WiFi, but there isn’t a spot that’s clearly for AYCJ passengers.  It seemed like there are a lot of gates and the walk with 39 pounds of my overloaded mobile closet is almost as difficult as walking in Long Beach downtown!

On flight deck of flight #353, Roy and Edward got us across the country in what seemed like an eternity, but that could be attributed to being disoriented by the daylight when the last redeye was at night.

Flight #3: PDX - JFK


Off to the east coast after bouncing around the west coast. On this first red-eye flight of the trip, named Out of the Blue, I was hoping to…

Flight #2: LGB - PDX


Colleen and Curt were the JetBlue flight attendants for flight #1426 up the west coast to Portland this afternoon on I Only Have Eyes for Blue. It again started out cloudy, but the magnificent Patrick flew up, up, and away, providing some great views of the mountains. If I had only known where I was, maybe I would have appreciated it more. It was definitely a change of pace from the compacted clouds this morning.


Flight #1: SFO - LGB


The very short flight on #1431 from SFO to LGB on As Blue As It Gets was a great start to a very long month. Woody Haze piloted the plane…