Day 12: Canyonlands National Park

07/12/14 | On the ground

There aren’t too many mornings when you wake up and look out…and see this. Wow! This was the view from Green River Overlook this morning.

Photo Photo

Day 7: Colorado National Monument

07/07/14 | On the ground

Nature sure has a way to wake you up early when you camp. Light shining into your tent, early in the morning. Birds chirping. But I wasn’t too upset when I got to see a beautiful sunrise in return.


Day 5: Murray City and Salt Lake City Fireworks

07/05/14 | On the ground

This morning I headed over to Murray City for a good old fashion Fourth of July celebration, which they call Fun Days. While my hometown had a full day of activities like this, it was really cool seeing the community come together.

On the performance stage, an improv group had the audience laughing.