AT&T Developer Summit and Hackathon


I was in Las Vegas for the AT&T Dev Summit and Hackathon this past weekend. It was actually the first time I’ve traveled away from home to a hackathon. That says quite a bit about the excitement of the hackathon.


HP Anywhere Hackathon Day 2


Back in San Francisco this morning at PARISOMA, I continued hacking on my project for this weekend. They had an assortment of breakfast food and more orange juice than one could drink in a month.


HP Anywhere Hackathon Day 1


I went up to the HP Anywhere hackathon today in San Francisco. This hackathon was a bit different from the others I’ve been to.

Sure, there have been food trucks at other hackathons. Curry Up Now served burritos for lunch. That wasn’t what was different.


Glazed Hackathon


What’s a weekend without a hackathon. I went up to San Francisco to the Glazed Hackathon held at Pivotal Labs on Howard St.


Day 7: America's Cup and TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon


Today I went up to San Francisco for the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon. Since it started after noon, I biked over to the America’s Cup Park. The crowd gathering at the gate for the 10am opening was sizable and energetic.

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