On the ground

"Go" Orion launch


Great things do happen to those who are patient. This morning, day 2 of launching the Orion spacecraft aboard a Delta IV-Heavy Rocket, we headed back out to the gantry at 4am. It felt kind of like de ja vu. In a way, it was. The bus ride, finding a spot on the grass, waiting a couple of hours for the sun to rise, and for all teams to be ‘Go’ for launch.


Day 17: Mesa Verde National Park


This morning, I started with a tour of Long House. The road up to Long House didn’t open until 9am. A long line of cars backed up waiting for the Rangers to open the gate and lead us up the road.


Day 16: Mesa Verde National Park


This morning I went on two tours of the cliff dwellings that Ancestral Puebloans lived in. Balcony House is best for the more active visitor. After climbing up a steep ladder…


Day 15: Arches and Mesa Verde National Park


The road to the park entrance (and exit) this morning kept grabbing my eye. It is such an amazing National Park. No wonder there are so many visitors to this park each year.

Photo Photo

Day 14: Arches National Park


I didn’t have to go very far to see the sunrise this morning. Behind the campground are several rows of sandstone buttes.

Photo Photo

Day 12: Canyonlands National Park


There aren’t too many mornings when you wake up and look out…and see this. Wow! This was the view from Green River Overlook this morning.

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