A new day


Today was a quiet day compared to the first three days of the Manos Accelerator. We had two mentors visit today and meet with us.

Tony Lopez is the Director of Site Management, Worldwide Online Stores at Apple. He specializes in product management and strategy for the Apple Store’s online presence worldwide. Tony has more than 10 years’ experience in product management and user experience for digital industries, such as Macromedia and Looksmart.

Each team had an one-on-one conversation to ask him questions and understand how he can help us succeed.


In the spotlight


There was no mistake this morning and afternoon at the Innovation Center what was about to happen. Teams conversed and pitched to each other in preparation of the unveiling event this evening. The morning had been set aside for the Manos team to listen and critique the teams’ introductions. Julia Sullivan, Edward Avila, David Lopez, Carla Lopez, and Sylvia Flores provided constructive comments and advice.


Day 2 of Manos Accelerator


Today was the second day of the Manos Accelerator. Darlene Crane, Executive Director at the Alliance for Community Development talked to us about their program. Their mission is to increase access to capital for companies with diverse leadership.