Back to school


As I walked from Caltrain to the Innovation Center, I looked up at the sky and the clouds reflecting the morning sunlight in front of a blue sky.


A Manos Monday


After an eventful weekend, it was back down to San Jose to continue making connections and refining our goals. Lunch was brought in.


Discoveries on the streets of San Jose


Today was a quiet day, with no mentors visiting to talk with us. It gave the teams a break to work on their projects and to make phone calls to connections we have made.

As I walked down the street to get lunch, I was waiting at the corner for the pedestrian signal. Across the intersection I saw a frantic crowd gathering and running after a mascot. It was Sharkie, the mascot of the San Jose Sharks. Sharkie was on a Segway and stopped for a photo and a snack.


Fun and games


Jason Loia came in to talk about gamification and how to make our products engaging and fun. His presentation was full of tips and tricks that left everyone with a goldmine of ideas to pursue. He also mentioned that these tricks can produce dopamine, a chemical in the brain that will cause an addiction to keep playing.

Photo Photo

Changing course for a new focus


Laura Gomez, an expert focused on product marketing, user experience, technical account management and international operations met with the teams today to refine which markets we should focus on.


Mexico Independence Day


Today was the start of the second week at the Manos Accelerator. Time is flying by and we are meeting awesome mentors. We had two mentors today.

Andrew Velis is a Software Engineer at mFoundry (a FIS company). He has been in the tech industry since 2009. Andrew gave us a different perspective on the process of building our future and how we could get there.


Rasteroids and an evening mixer


Today Miles and Tamiko Rast stopped by the Manos Accelerator to meet with the teams. They are from Rasteroids, a website and graphic design company. Being a web developer, our meeting was like talking to family. They had some great suggestions and feedback that will improve user flow.