DisruptFilm Summit: The Mighty Women

The DisruptFilm Summit hosted by the Collective held a panel session of entreprenurial women. Cooper Harris, an award-winning producer, actor, and entrepreneur in Los Angeles, moderated the panel.


Here is a summary of the topics the panel talked about.


Whatever you are passionate about, you should focus on. There is usually a story about you now or in your past that leads to what you’re passionate about doing.


The panel spoke about sterotypes and how it narrows opportunities. Clothing that is pink narrows the creativity of fashion. Sterotypes like men in technology limit how technology can expand.

A panelist said her male clients and VC sometimes softball her as an entrepreneur. She challenges them to throw hardballs her way and shows them she’s just as capable as her male counterparts. It is time for women who can multitask and draw connections to be valued for their contributions.

Men are more of an engineering type, putting pieces together. Women are strong at working through how it is used, feeling the user and the experience.


Another panelist mention her struggles while being on welfare. This part of her life story adds value to who she is and the contributions that she can make. This struggle also gave her the courage to take a bigger risk because she wasn’t afraid to fail. She had already seen the bottom, and she survived it. She could survive the bottom again, if she failed. But there was a chance to for a big upside.


Right now, it is trendy to be a woman entrepreneur. What is notable is doing the oddity. That’s what makes us stand out. If you can’t find it, go out and create it.


The panelists talked about how being a single mother, often struggling through situations alone made them good at enduring struggles with their startups, not giving up and working through until they solve the problem.


Money and success will follow if you follow your passion.