Through the looking Glass

David Martinez came in today to talk about Google Glass.


He passed a pair around for everyone to experiment and understand the technlogy a few of the teams haven’t had the chance to really experience.

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Edward coached us on what our slide deck should cover for the BrightStar event on Thursday night.

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Lunch was donated by a local Mexican restaurant. Our teams got to sit down together and chat, further strengthing the bond between us.


I went over to Google for the Dart meetup. Seth Ladd, a Developer Advocate at Google, talked about how existing solutions require a big stack of building blocks that become really hard to manage.

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He then gave a quick intro into Dart and how the language has evolved by solving annoyances and time consuming tasks in other languages.

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Adam Singer talked about how Dart and Google Glass work. His team hacked the Frogger game at a Google Glass hackathon.

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He mentioned what worked and what didn’t work in HTML5 as they tested what Glass could accomplish.

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He also showed examples of scrolling text on the screen by tilting your head up and down.


Another example was the etch-and-sketch game controlled by moving your head up, down and sideways to draw around the screen. If you shake your head, the screen clears.

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He mentioned that the more examples Google sees of how Glass is used, the more they can refine glass into something that supports developers and what they can achieve with the hardware.

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