Where I would go

JetBlue has added a few new routes to the list of places one can travel to since AYCJ.  I’ve been thinking about where I would go if the pass is offered again this year (alumni have their fingers crossed), thanks to some chatter from fellow AYCJers.

When I think of Alaska, I think of snow, cold, and ice, so cold that cars don’t start.  I’m probably completely wrong about that, and this would be one spot on my itinerary.  I hear there’s gold in Alaska!

I think this year international travel could be a possibility.  The extra fees (taxes and fuel surcharges) to fly international just didn’t make the pass feel all that worthwhile.  You can fly as much as you wanted, but those taxes weren’t cheap!

One of the things I am disappointed about is that JetBlue lacks service to a number of states in the middle and northern part of the country.  As I found out, the east coast is pretty easy to drive around, yet they have so many routes in that part of the country.

What about Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Minnesota, North and South Dakota (Mount Rushmore!), Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Montana, and Idaho?  Just a bunch of empty land?  There’s gotta be something to see in those states.  And driving between these states can take hours with very little to see.

But September still months from now.  Keep on dreaming AYCJers!