Carry-on bags

Before the All You Can Jet month, I was a newbie and pretty awful at packing for vacations.  Often I would have a backpack, a large checked suitcase, and occasionally a carry-on suitcase for those trips with lots of souvenirs coming home.  How else was I going to bring home all the beads and stuffed toys I caught at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

That was on the other airlines that would charge $20-$25 for the first checked bag.  I had no guilt for maximizing my carry-on allowance.

For AYCJ, I modified my luggage requirements so I could be more mobile.  I started my month of travel with a small 18 inch duffel bag and a backpack with a lot of pockets.  So many pockets, I often had to search for what I needed instead of knowing exactly where it was.

I read tips from AYCJ alums that it would be less stressful with a carry-on bag on the numerous flights over the month.  One idea was that there was less chance of having a bag lost.  In reality, it sped up travel rather nicely.  Instead of walking to baggage claim and waiting for bags, you could be off to the rental car counter or the bus stop, on your way to what you came to do, sight see!  It also made it easy to take the bus or the subway (stairs!).

Of my 30 flights on JetBlue, I never once had to gate check my bag.  A few times bags had to be rearranged to utilize the poorly filled bins.  I never noticed the wasted space some people leave.  Really, bags don’t need three inches between them.  I also felt in no rush to board the plane to reserve space for my duffel bag.

Comparing JetBlue to the other airlines with regard to bags, I have to say flying on JetBlue was a lot better.  With the first checked bag being free, passengers aren’t so quick to carry on huge bags that obviously won’t fit overhead (much less down the aisle) in hopes they can avoid the $25 fee.  Without that added pressure, everyone benefits from a better boarding experience.