A few stats

My original plan had me flying on 38 flights, 47,593 miles, and visiting 12 state capitols.  Well, things changed a little bit throughout the month.  I skipped Seattle twice, went to Maine instead of Fort Lauderdale, missed out on Las Vegas, and ended up on a bus instead of a plane to Boston.

But that’s what keeps travelling fun and interesting.  Waking up in the morning and trying to figure out where you are is quite humorous after a week.  Here’s the map of where I went.


In the end, I flew on 30 flights, 33,812 miles, and visited 15 state capitols.  I learned how to sleep on redeye flights, in the car, and at odd times of the day.  Surprisingly, I never got motion sick while moving around all month.

People ask me if I would do it again.  My answer: yes.  My hope is that JetBlue will continue adding new destinations, like Alaska announced today, so I will have a large number of places to pick from that I haven’t already been to.