Flight #25: SLC – JFK

After a very nice day in Salt Lake City, I headed back to what I should now call my second home, JFK.

JetBlue flight #92 was piloted by Captain Michael and first officer Robert. We left 20 minutes late due to weather at JFK.

Flight attendants Brandie, Colleen, and Shirley were very quiet and I got to sleep for most of the flight.

Unfortunately, things went bad as we got to the east coast. First, Michael was instructed to fly a holding pattern for 20 minutes. Apparently strong surface winds wouldn’t let planes land. Strong enough no aircraft could handle them.

After 20 minutes, there was still no good news. Running low on fuel, we had to divert to Newark. An hour and a half after we should have landed at JFK, we landed in Newark.


Passengers were given the option to go on their own, or to deplane to stretch and get food while the plane was refueled. Confused and not sure if Newark was closer to where I wanted to go and that I could make it back to JFK, I chose to stay on the plane.

And hour later we were cleared to fly across Connecticut and down to New York. It was a 25 minute flight which should have been shorter if not for the weird flight plan.


We finally arrived at JFK three and a half hours after our scheduled arrival.

The flight attendants were understandably exhausted and are commended for keeping us happy.