Flight #5: BUR - JFK

After a quick visit to Burbank, I boarded JetBlue flight #358 back to JFK.  Flying three cross-country flights across the country in roughly twenty four hours is exhausting, if that even properly represents the effort it takes.  Having not slept since I think it was Wednesday morning, I was starting to doubt this adventure.

As I boarded Blue skies ahead, I had to smile at the irony of the name of the plane and how I was feeling.  Tena, Megan, and Julie were the cabin crew.  Welcome back to Tena who came back to the air from previously working on the ground.  She was a little rusty (she told the plane), but I hope she’s enjoying all the people who fly everyday.  A little oil and you’ll be fantastic.

I want to congratulate the crew and captain George for the quiet flight and the first flight that I slept on!  I fell asleep for most of the flight, which was likely caused by back to back red-eye flights.  Either way, it made my mood much better and helped for the big day ahead.

Special thanks to the gate agent Paulette who understood where I was at and helped to get me back on track.