Flight #4: JFK - BUR

On the heels of a six-hour flight from Portland, I was back on the plane for another six-hour flight.  This double cross-country flight combination would have allowed a good amount of sleep if as I mentioned in the last post I was successful at sleeping on planes.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with T5.  There is free WiFi, but there isn’t a spot that’s clearly for AYCJ passengers.  It seemed like there are a lot of gates and the walk with 39 pounds of my overloaded mobile closet is almost as difficult as walking in Long Beach downtown!

On flight deck of flight #353, Roy and Edward got us across the country in what seemed like an eternity, but that could be attributed to being disoriented by the daylight when the last redeye was at night.

Flight attendants Jennifer, Winston, and Michael make quick work of the in-flight service.  Jennifer has a great personality that I hope I can enjoy on another JetBlue flight this month.

I woke up at noon, which apparently was east coast time, totally confused at how much longer the flight was.  This was the first time I experienced a time-zone ripple.  If my fuzzy math skills are correct, I basically gained three hours by flying back to back.  So my day was 27 hours, though 12 of them were in the air.

Before boarding the plane named Big blue people seater, I asked the gate agent what the name of the plane was.  I will attribute it to my lack of attention, but I swear I heard Big blue people eater.  That would have been hilarious as an adult, and terrifying for a child.  I think seater is a good choice, JetBlue.

This was the first flight on the AYCJ journey where a small child was present.  I was reminded of my insanity after the crying and kicking of the back of my seat started.  I have to hand it to the crew for their patience with families.  I unfortunately didn’t have as much tolerance while trying to get some sleep.

Special thanks to Jennifer for the accommodations she was able to make which saved me from a impending headache which could have ruined my day trip in Burbank.